Value Your Car for Free

It is so easy to value your car with Alan Milne and Ken's Garage. Simply enter the registration of your vehicle in the box provided above. We will then ask for the mileage, giving you your valuation.

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Is the Valuation I Receive Definite?

The valuation you receive is an approximate price, based on your car being in good condition. Once we have seen your car, we can give you a detailed appraisal.

What Affects the Value of My Car?

There are a number of components that can affect the value of your car;

  • Age ( Younger cars have more value)
  • Service History ( Being able to demonstrate that your car has a full service history will show your car has been maintained and has a higher value, in comparison to a similar car with no service history)
  • Mileage ( A car with a lower mileage will retain value)
  • Condition (If your car is in good condition it will be worth more than a car in a poor condition)

Please contact our sales teams if you have any further questions regarding the value of your car, part exchange or finance on a new or used car.