Winter Drive

at Alan Milne & Ken's Garage

You can enjoy an additional £500 off, when you take a test drive and then subsequently place an order by 31st December 2018 from our popular 108, 208, 2008 SUV, 308 and 308 SW model ranges.

And there's more.....with Winter Drive, you can park the payments for a period of 90 days! Yes that is right, you can enjoy your new car for 3 months before you have to make any payment. With Christmas fast approaching, what could be more perfect?

Contact our teams for full details on Winter Drive with Alan Milne and Ken's Garage and discover the great finance packages available to you. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our fantastic 108, 208, 2008 SUV, 308 and 308 SW ranges today. t's & c's apply.

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