SEAT All-in

Aftercare Servicing for Older Cars.

All-in from SEAT is our plan we can offer for cars between 3-6 years old with engine sizes up to 2 litres and under. It takes care of all your servicing, so it makes it hassle and stress free for you.

SEAT All-in

Is my vehicle eligible?

SEAT All‐in has been designed for vehicles that are:

Is between 3 and 6 years old at point of activation.

Is a SEAT model with an engine size of 2.0L or less.

Have done under 100,000 miles at point of activation.

Don’t have a warranty or service plan already in place.

SEAT leon FR


Up to 2 years’ Warranty

2 years’ Roadside Assistance

2 services - 1 minor & 1 major service

2 MOTs

Ibiza FR
Bannerman Showroom
SEAT Beach
Bannerman SEAT

How it works out

Pay-as-you-go pricing

▪ 2 Services = £508
▪ 2 MOTs = £109.70
▪ 2 Years' Roadside Assistance = £452
▪ 2 Years' Warranty = £566

Total = £1635.70

All-in pricing

▪ 2 Services = £508
▪ 2 MOTs = £109.70
▪ 2 Years' Roadside Assistance = £174.06
▪ Up to 2 Years' Warranty = £0

Total = £791.76

£32.99 Per Month

The following vehicles are not eligible for cover:

▪ Battery electric vehicles (BEV)
▪ Vehicles powered by fuel cell or liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
▪ Public hire/private hire vehicles
▪ Vehicles that have a service plan already in place

What's included when you go All-In?

If you would like to set up your SEAT All-in Service Plan, you can phone us at 01463 222841

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