The CUPRA Born WhatCar? 2023 Award for Best Small Electric Car to Drive

The CUPRA Born is now a multiple year award winner for the WhatCar? Awards. This year the CUPRA Born has won the Best Small Electric Car to Drive.

There were five assessment areas that were looked at:

- Composed Handling

- Comfortable Ride

- Performance Rating

- Smart Interior

- Decent Range

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Composed Handling

As CUPRA is known for their sporty flair, it means the Born has clean and accurate handling and has been designed with composed handling in mind.

With precise, well-weighted steering and control over the body, it’s certainly engaging whilst driven.

Comfortable Ride

The CUPRA Born is good at absorbing bumps during journeys when driving, and since the the Born has a tight grip on the roads, it doesn't react like a conventional car would on such long trips, with tight sharp turns feeling effortless in the Born.

The Born also hosts height adjustable seats to tailor to your build.

Performance Rating 

The CUPRA Born is available with a 58kWh or 77kWh battery powering one fully electric motor that propels the rear wheels.

Boasting an impressive 0-62mph in 6.6s, the Born doesn't hold back. 

CUPRA can also offer an e-Boost option, for that extra jump in performance when you need it.

Smart Interior

Throughout all the CUPRA Born Models, there's a digital pod behind the steering wheel with a 5.3' display showing range, speed and sat-nav directions. When sitting in the Born's sports seats, you are hugged and gripped like you've never felt in a car seat ever before.

The touchscreen is angled and directed towards the driver for easier selection while driving.

It's worth mentioning, if you live in the Highlands like us at the Bannerman Group, it can get fairly frosty during the Winter Mornings. Which means early mornings to defrost the car...

With the CUPRA Born Smart Interior feature, you can link your cockpit to the CUPRA App on your phone to automatically activate your defrost mode in the interior remotely, which means you don't even need to go outside to defrost the entire car.

Decent Range

The CUPRA Born offfers a range of up to 343 miles, which means you can travel without range anxiety, which can also be given peace of mind with CUPRA's fast charging capabilities on the Born as a 120kW DC charger will charge the 58kWh 204PS battery from 5% to 80% within just 35 minutes.

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